Booth: A06

Country: Singapore

Product: Software

Profile (Category): BuildPRO


BeeBryte is providing innovating Energy Efficiency Services based on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and IoT to improve Air conditioning and Refrigeration operations. It offers an end-to-end solution with a comprehensive cloud-edge IIoT platform communicating with the HVAC equipment through an IoT Gateway connected to the building management system (BMS). By anticipating changes in weather conditions, building occupancy and business activity, its patented software continually adjusts the HVAC equipment setpoints ahead of time to run the process in a more efficient way. Addressing the largest energy consumers I buildings, the deployment of its solution reduces the energy consumption of systems by up to 40% and drives companies to manage their buildings in a more sustainable way. In addition to cost savings, its service delivers qualified alarms, predictive maintenance services, better temperature & air quality management, enhances occupants’ experience and comfort, improves safety & resilience of the equipment (increased lifetime & reduced downtime).

BeeBryte is located in Singapore since 2015 and covers all South Asia.

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