BuildTech Asia 2022 Regional Roadshow: Malaysia

This virtual Future of Build Forum is brought to you by Constellar Exhibitions, organizer of the region’s foremost Building and Construction event, Buildtech Asia. In its 11th edition, the theme of ‘Transforming Asia’s Built Environment’ focuses on bridging the technology gap that is needed to move the construction industry forward with technologically advanced solutions.

Designed as part of a series of country-focused events, this Future of Build forum aims to:

  • Highlight Industry 4.0 developments & initiatives that are driving conversations in Malaysian construction
  • Promote understanding of local industry contexts and concerns especially in the Build Environment, Urbanisation and Construction sectors of Malaysia whether commercially or not.
  • Drive awareness of opportunities for collaboration and learning of Industry 4.0 type of solutions in Malaysia’s market segment.

Through interactions and interest fostered at this event, we hope to encourage regional construction stakeholders to take the opportunity to join hands to discuss the possible advancements in building technologies and how it can assist in changing the way the construction sector functions.

BuildTech Asia 2022 Regional Roadshow: Philippines

Digitalising Philippines’ Construction for Greater Productivity

Executive Summary: BuildTech Asia’s first Philippines Roadshow will be held on the 25th of January 2022. Featuring well-known leaders in the construction industry, the roadshow will cover the capabilities of digital construction and how to keep up with the game.

Although the spread of COVID-19 has yet to show signs of slowing down, economic recovery is gradually happening all around the world, including the Philippines. For the archipelagic nation, digital construction will be one of the key pillars to creating new job opportunities and increasing productivity, propelling the nation’s construction industry to become the main driver of growth.

Aligned with the Philippines’ push for economic recovery, the Buildtech Asia Roadshow: Philippines aims to:

  1. Highlight potential technological opportunities and the outlook of the construction sector in this current age.
  2. Promote the right mindset to approach new ideas and concepts to increase productivity.
  3. Address the gaps within industry and drive the adoption of technology.

BuildTechAsia 2022 Regional Roadshow: Indonesia

Growing Indonesia’s Construction into a Smart, Sustainable and Efficient Industry

Executive Summary As one of the fastest-growing digital economies in South East Asia, Indonesia’s local construction sectors can look towards employing new technology for growth. Although there have been steps taken by the government to support the innovation of technology, more can be done for construction firms to increase their adoption of technology in their business.

With renowned industry leaders joining in to share their insights, the Buildtech Asia Roadshow: Indonesia will spotlight technological capabilities and their expertise in implementing digitalization strategies.

The BuildTech Asia Roadshow: Indonesia aims to:

  1. Encourage construction innovation and adoption from firms and government.
  2. Highlight potential technological opportunities and the outlook of the construction sector in this current age.
  3. Address the gaps within industry and drive the adoption of technology.

BuildTech Asia Webinar #8 | Now&Beyond-How Singapore Interior Designers are coping with the pandemic

The challenges faced in the interior design industry with the pandemic, how they have overcame those challenges and their plans moving forward.

Speakers: Mr Keat Ong, Mr Peter Tay, Mr Rajesh R. Shah, mr. Tung Ching Yew and Mr Nicholas Merrow-Smith , from Society of Interior Designers Singapore, (SIDS)

BuildTech Asia Webinar #7 | Build It! How women can forge the development of the Built Environment

The various personal experiences and journey women has took in the construction Industry and how women in such industries it can also be a strategic driver for employee engagement and retention

Moderator: Ms. Emily Tan from AWiCS
Speakers: Ms. Sheridan Ingram, Ms. Flora Nguyen, Mr. Alvin Sim and Ms. Helen Lam from AWiCS

BuildTech Asia Webinar #6 | Do Stakeholder who manage or supervise MEWPs need to be competent?

The need to ensure your own safety even with the management and supervision of MEWPs in the construction industry and how to go about ensuring the safety of your employees.

Speaker: Mr. Raymond Wat from

BuildTech Asia Webinar #5 | Productivity and Innovation in Construction

Innovative Systems use in construction Projects by the gold and silver award recipients at the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL) Productivity and Innovative Awards (PIA). They will share the challenges along the construction project and how they have overcame it with their innovative systems.

Speakers: Mr Tan Tee Yong and Mr Balaji Mohanraj

BuildTech Asia Webinar #4 | Greater Digitalization in Engineering Design

While Digital/BIM era in engineering design is reaching its next stage with Automation and Generative design and pushing the limits of the engineering design to new level in terms of design efficiency, saving construction time and cost. It is also opening new a doors for engineering team to serve client with new discipline -Digital Engineering. This session discuss the present and future digital possibilities in engineering design.

How will the role of the engineer evolve during this time of dramatic digital disruption? What does this mean for engineers, clients and the built environment? This presentation will discuss what skills future engineers need in order to fully harness the power of automation and deliver optimized designs.

Speakers: Mr Sheik Uduman and Mr Alistair Sargeant from ACES

BuildTech Asia Webinar #3 | Tackling the biggest cause of Project delays

The common challenges faced in the construction industry, Live demo of the platform for constructions companies on how to manage construction projects with Finalcad and why we need to focus on the APAC market on safety.

Speakers: Mr Cossard, Mr Baudet and Mr Buttiens from Finalcad

BuildTechAsia Webinar #2 | Key Clauses to look out for in PSSCOC contract administration post Covid

Sharing 8 key topics dealing with Variations and Procedural Requirements, Variation and Substantive Requirements, Extension Of Time, Loss and Expense, Termination, Final Completion Certificate, Liquidated Damages and Service Methods.

Speaker: Ms. Danna Er from Singapore Institute of Building Limited

BuildTech Asia Webinar #1 | Welcome Address and New Normal in Construction amid Covid

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected Singapore and also the Build Environment. As well as the various measures adopted by the Singapore Government and various stakeholders in light of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last 8 months.

Welcome Address Speaker: Dr. Sussie Ketit, President of SINGAPORE INSTITUTE OF BUILDING LIMITED
Keynote addresser: Dr Teo Ho Pin