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Date: 17 March 2022
Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm,
Format: Digital Only
Venue: BTA Digital Platform

AI & Robotics In Construction

In collaboration with BTA 2022, this is a webinar held as part of the AiBotics 2022 Go-Digital Series organized as a run-up to the main AiBotics event in August 2022.

Program Overview


  • To learn about existing used cases for AI & Robotics in Construction
  • To explore other potential Industry needs to adopt emerging technologies 
  • To discuss and recommend approaches to help companies transition in the emerging digital age

Expected Outcome

  • Awareness of the current application landscape of AI & Robotics in the Construction sector
  • Understanding how AI and Robotics can play a role of augment human competency in the Construction Sector







Ms Ellen Quen,
Council Member, APARA Founder, MedHyve

10 min

Opening Remarks

Mr Changho Kim Chairman, Global Robot Cluster

10 min

Tomorrow’s Built — Robots Help in Construction of LowRise Building

Mr Oliver Tian
Founder, Oliver Tian Associates VP, GRC & Vice-Chair, IARA

10 min

Expert Opinion

Key Considerations in Deploying AI & Robotics Technologies in Construction

Professor Chen I-Ming Founder & Chairman, Transforma Robotics

30 min

Current Landscape of AI & Robotics Applications in Construction

Mr Philippe Roussel Council Member, FCC Robotique

30 min

Case Studies

Case I

Mr Julian Kim
MD, RoboPrint Asia, Singapore

20 min

Case II — Smart Robots for Construction Sites

Mr Guy German
CEO, Okibo, Israel

20 min

Case III — Simplicity is Complexity Resolved

Mr Sean Baptist
CEO, Graffiquo, Singapore

20 min

Panel Discussion

Topic: Standards and Guidelines for Using Technology in Construction Sites

Mr Oliver Tian

- Mr Philippe Roussel
- Mr Julian Kim
- Mr Guy German
- Mr Sean Baptist
- Ms Goh Soek-Mei

(ED, United Cities)

50 min


Mr Changho Kim

Global Robot Cluster

Mr Olivia Tian

Oliver Tian Associates
VP, GRC & Vice-Chair

Professor Chen I-Ming

Founder & Chairman
Transforma Robotics

Mr Philippe Roussel

Council Member
FCC Robotique

Mr Sean Baptist

Graffiquo, Singapore

Ms Goh Soek-Mei

United Cities

Mr Julian Kim

RoboPrint Asia, Singapore

Mr Guy German

Okibo, Israel

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