3 Key Pillars to
Transforming Tomorrow’s Built Environment

With the understanding of what the construction industry is lacking and needs, BTA is coming back strong in 2023 with the 3 key pillars focusing on Smart Building & Construction (Robotics & Automation), Digitalisation, and Sustainability.

Smart Building & Construction (Robotics & Automation)

Embrace Smart Building & Construction to conserve resources with more efficient usage, improve building efficiency and productivity, reinforce closer collaboration across the supply chain and provide a greener, safer and healthier workplace and living environment.


Adopt Digitalisation and emerging technologies to revolutionise, reinvent and foster a sustainable industry through increased efficiency, productivity, improved decision making, customer experience and communication.


Ensure Sustainability in the environmental, economic and social aspects in the Building & Construction Industry by creating a more resilient, energy- and cost-efficient greener built environment and infrastructure.

BTA 2023 Key Vision

BTA 2023 aims to be the strategic platform to:

BTA 2023 Exhibition Facts

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