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LEAN – DIGITAL: shaping the NEW CAPITAL CITY of Indonesia WITH Build & construct Environment

Executive Summary

As part of the BTA Conference and Exhibition, we are conducting roadshow in Indonesia and aims to gather industry and thought leaders at the forefront of innovation in Indonesia’ construction and build sectors to spark discussion on while Jakarta to be the main commercial and financial hub of Indonesia, the new capital will be built across 56,000 hectares of land. The Indonesian government through the Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Ministry is preparing the construction plan of the new capital city to implement the smart city concept and sustainable development. Notably, the new capital’s ESG-aligned urban planning and construction is expected to serve as a blueprint in smart city development for other cities in Indonesia and the region. Thus, the move would have a multiplier effect and stimulate economic growth in the region given that the ambitious project comes with a development price tag of US$33 million.

With the government looking to increase the standard of infrastructure in the new capital, the relocation move would lead to more infrastructural investments in the capital city and surrounding areas. Specifically, higher infrastructure spending will have positive trickle-down effect for the steel and cement industries with the focus on green housing in the new capital will act as an impetus for the cement industry. Low carbon residential buildings are expected to see strong demand as the capital city works towards building a smart metropolis.

We are hoping that conversations and discussions on the future of the New Capital City of Indonesia’s Building and Construction to prepare local and industry players the challenges & opportunities in the built sector through the 12th BuildTech Asia (BTA) happening in Singapore, 28-30 March 2023.

Key takeaways include:

  • What opportunities that lie ahead for Indonesia’s new capital city to spur demand for more sustainable building and its infrastructure?
  • How can the industry sustain its productivity and profitability?
  • As Construction 4.0 continues to evolve, it becomes imperative for construction companies to adopt new technology to remain competitive. How can the industry be setting new standards in flexibility, efficiency, sustainability and digitalization?
  • Discuss the current market and look beyond every function in the centre of government core area in building the new capital integrating building and its infrastructure.

Speakers & Panelists

Darren Seah

Portfolio Director
Constellar Exhibitions

Dr. Ir. Yudha Mediawan

Director General of Construction Development
Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing Indonesia

Ir. Rudy S. Prawiradinata

Deputy for Facilities and Infrastructure
Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS), Indonesia

Jimmy Situmorang, S.Si., M.S.E.

Head of Sub-Directorate of Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Ministry of Finance, Indonesia

Danis H. Sumadilaga

Head of Implementation Task Force
New Capital Infrastructure Development

Nugra Kasih S.T., PSPO1.

Certified Lean Construction - Lean Construction Consultantr
PQI Consultant

Ir. R. Budi Utomo, IRCA., RLA., CBA., ELT., SSBB.

President and Founder
Lean Construction Consultant

Mr. Djoko Sarwono


Ir. Bambang Susanto, Ph.D

New Capital Authority

Andro Hutabarat

Head of COO Office & Continuous Improvement
PT. Tripatra Engineers and Constructors

Roadshow Agenda

Jakarta Time


Registration Open
Opening Remarks
Industry Remarks
Keynote Opening
The Masterplan of Indonesia's construction industry towards sustainability
Industry Presentation
Fireside Chat
Facilitated by: LCII
How can you improve your project program n portfolio using Lean Construction and Digital Construction
Panel Discussion
New Capital City of Indonesia focused on the design, new technology, business investment and financing perspective
Networking and Refreshments

End of Roadshow

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