Key Highlights

THE 5TH EDITION OF SMART FM – Innovation for a Sustainable & SMART Built Environment is the FM industry conference where the regional innovators will share the best approaches and processes in tackling the conundrum of balancing sustainable goals and meeting the business needs of all the project stakeholders.

The rapid adoption of advanced Information & Communication Technologies like the Internet of Things (IoTs), 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learnings, and data analytics are driving the enormous growth of smart buildings. The industry experts and innovators across the region will share key insights in driving the Smart Buildings, as well as how we can design and integrate innovative smart technologies with the current sustainable practices to build more Sustainable Buildings for Future Generations.

Health and safety requirements, technologies like remote monitoring, and growing environmental push towards sustainability impact the future of the facilities management and the built environment. 

The 5th edition of Facilities Management Conference will reflect these priorities by featuring innovations, solutions and perspectives on evolving developments that will help industry sector professionals understand and meet emerging challenges.  Featuring thought-leaders and practitioners in the forefront of their areas of expertise, the program will offer key insights and updates on issues impacting smart and sustainable facilities management and built environments. Highlights include:

  • Effective design for smart and sustainable built environments
  • New perspectives on facilities management post COVID-19
  • Consideration in future-proofing facilities with the use of technology
Why Attend:
  • Discover the latest technological advancement that is shaping the industry
  • Over 20 international and regional industry experts to share best practices
  • Network with industry leaders in real-time
  • CPD Accreditation Points (to be confirmed)
Who Should Attend:
Senior Management (CEO, COO, MD, GM, Head of Departments – Operation, Security, Facilities Management, Human Resource), Assets Manager, MCST Manager, Estate Agent, REITs Manager, Facility & Property Manager, Fire Safety Manager, Information Technology Manager, Building Manager, Project Manager, M&E Manager and Engineer
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