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Country: Malaysia


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KA Bina is the first company in Malaysia with a hand in 3D printing for construction (3DCP). 
As a company, we deliver exceptional innovation in development through groundbreaking 
technology, R&D, technical consultation, and expertise to deliver the most advanced 
solutions for the construction industry. KA Bina is the exclusive distributor and strategic 
partners to COBOD International, the leaders in the 3DCP market globally. With their 
regional presence, COBOD Asia Pacific, KA Bina is working closely to tap into strategic 
ventures to market the implementation of 3DCP technology for both the Malaysian and 
Singaporean market. Not only that, through this partnership, we are the hub of 3DCP for the 
Asia Pacific region. The strategic position of the two great nations allow for 3DCP to be the 
center of innovation for the region.
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