Booth: E16

Country: Singapore

Product: Electric Car Charger

Profile (Category): BuildFM

Kyo Ei Denko Pte Ltd

KED Energy Solutions


KED Energy Solutions is the business unit established under Kyo Ei Denko Pte Ltd.

The KED chargers provide AC and DC charging, which are thoughtfully designed and intuitive to use. It is one of the most reliable chargers in the market, which is why it is widely deployed in the USA and Europe. The DC charger is OCPP compliant and equipped with both CCS and CHAdeMO charging connectors that are suitable for all electric vehicles in Singapore. 

The charger comes with internet-based connected services which allow for easy connection to different software systems like back-offices, payment gateways or smart load management system. This enables remote assistance, tailored diagnostic troubleshooting, and remote upgrades. A secure, cost-efficient and future-proof connectivity solution, based on open industry interfaces, that you can trust. 

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