Booth: C40

Country: Singapore

Product: Engineering & Technology Solutions

Profile (Category): BuildPRO


LRQA is an independent global assurance provider of professional services for engineering and technology. We stand alongside our client as a trusted partner by providing tailored solutions to help them satisfy the safety, quality, environmental and sustainability challenges related to their products, processes and supply chain. We offer a complete package of additive manufacturing (AM) services including:

Inspection & Certification – Technical expertise in additive manufacturing (AM) & working knowledge in regulatory requirements to help clients in the commercial application of AM products.

Training & Advisory – AM Certification workshops and trainings are developed based on a modular approach to provide flexibility for tailoring course contents to meet individual needs. We offer advisory services related to improving quality and safety achieving the desired benefits of AM

Quality Assurance – Our goal is to improve safety and increase the performance of processes and compliance for our clients

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