Booth: C07

Country: Singapore

Product: Software Solutions

Profile (Category): BuildPRO

Magicsoft Asia Systems Pte Ltd

Magicsoft Asia Systems is in the business of empowering companies to achieve their potential through cutting-edge IT services and solutions. Starting off as a small web-development house in 1997, the company has evolved and expanded into a full-fledged IT services business with multi-region offices.

Founded by a group of like-minded software engineers sharing a common passion for transforming businesses through innovation, Magicsoft specialises in the development of a wide array of applications from wireless, mobile and web-based to two-tier and three-tier architectures.

Magicsoft has engraved its reputation in the industry as a provider of high quality solutions employing the latest technologies. Some of its recent achievements include the design and development of a diverse range of leading-edge IT solutions, including Construction Management, Health Information and Tunnel Excavation Monitoring systems for government and private sector companies.

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