CompanyProduct PhotoProduct Info
aca pacificACA PACIFIC TECHNOLOGY (SINGAPORE) PTE LTDProduct LaunchContec Conprosys Open Platform IoT Gateway with drag-and-drop flow charting application: - Converts 400 OT & IT protocols to desired format / protocol. - Ingests & converts IO signals into usable data. - Integrate “brown fields”, legacy systems & “green fields” into single platform. - Run flowchart to drive tasks, processes, calculations, command & control functions, etc. NO CODING. NO PROGRAMMING. JUST CONFIGURATION.
Product LaunchARROGATE MAKER LTDProduct Launch_Website_160px_ArrogateDWSS - a centralized platform to manage resources for construction companies. It consists of different modules, including staff management, duty management with working hour calculation, RISC form, 360-degree site inspection, live stream, etc. Live streaming connects to 360-degree camera for real time streaming for site inspection. It also includes mobile apps for field staffs for check-in & check-out with GPS location.
Product Launch (1)CUSTOMINDZ LIMITED - VIACTProduct Launch (1)Presenting viAct’s scenario-based AI monitoring solutions, it leverages the power of video analytics to ensure safety, efficiency & sustainability in diverse workplaces like construction, facility management, public transportation, public utilities and manufacturing plants by automating real-time surveillance, generating practical insights and sending immediate notifications to the stakeholders of any non-compliance.
Product Launch (2)IFCA CONSULTINGProduct Launch (2)ContractX is cloud-based mobile solution that covers all aspects of construction operations. It is a comprehensive, user friendly application that helps you efficiently manage your project and associated risks anytime, anywhere.
Product Launch (3)KNAUF PLASTERBOARD PTE LTDAQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor-01 (1) (1)AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor is ideal as an exterior render substrate. It is lightweight, robust, non-combustible, 100% water-resistant, mould-resistant, easy to curve and shape, and can carry different surface finishes, from paint, render, and tiles through to decorative claddings. This drywall system makes installation faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective.
Product Launch (6)SYNERGIX TECHNOLOGIES (SG PAV)Product Launch_Website_160pxSynergixSynergix ERP System is a customisable and web-based Enterprise Resource Planning system that allows full integration across organisations, upholding the quality for our customers and promoting Singapore branded ERP software to Asia and other emerging markets.
Sany-South-East-Asia-Pte-Ltd-150x150SANY GROUPProduct Launch_Website_160px_SanyHigher power and higher reliability engines for better performance. Mine version of the track is adopted, which can give you a stronger grip and a longer service life. It has the super cost-effective, and is suitable for various working conditions, including trenching, level the ground, and even the mine conditions.
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