Booth: C40

Country: Singapore

Product: Technology Solutions

Profile (Category): BuildPRO

SUTD Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre (DManD)

DManD focuses on digital manufacturing, bringing together materials, engineering and digital design along the digital thread to accelerate Ideation-to-Things. DManD conducts research that exploits new design paradigm enabled by digital manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing to create design-optimized and sustainable products. DManD research advances frontiers of design and manufacturing by:

  1. Creating computational simulation and design capabilities to enable designers to exploit new design windows enabled by digital manufacturing technologies and create previously unobtainable products;
  2. Creating innovative fabrication technologies based on the digital fusion of sensing, additive and subtractive processes, as well as new ideas in multiscale, multi-material, and multifunctional fabrication; and
  3. Integrating these into digital workflows to transform the way new products are created.
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